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At Intellekt AI, we specialize exclusively in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Whether you are just beginning to explore AI and ML or are looking to enhance your existing capabilities, we are here to accelerate your journey with our services covering the complete ML development lifecycle.

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Why Partner With Us?

AI and ML isn't just a part of what we do, it's EVERYTHING we do.

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This dedication allows us to hone our skills deeply, gaining extensive experience across a variety of industries and applications. For each new project, we bring this rich, concentrated expertise to the table, ensuring that we're not just a service provider but a true partner in your AI journey.

From pinpointing AI applications in your business to crafting custom ML software solutions, deploying them, and ensuring their ongoing success, we cover every step of the AI journey. Our mission is to optimize AI's impact on your business, ensuring maximum ROI.

Our Workflow

Tailored to Your AI-ML Needs

Every AI development project at Intellekt AI follows a systematic approach. Our workflow, refined over years, ensures precision, efficiency, and real-world applicability at every step.

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Discovery Call

We start by understanding where your company stands in the AI-ML development process. This conversation helps us identify your challenges and how our services can provide effective solutions.

Data Understanding


Drawing insights from our initial discussion, we craft a plan targeting your specific hurdles. This plan outlines clear goals, milestones, timelines, and costs. We offer flexible pricing models to suit your project's needs.

Data Preparation

Service Implementation

With a mutually agreed-upon plan, we embark on the implementation phase. Regular updates and constant communication ensure alignment with your vision and goals.

Model Validation

Delivery and Integration

Upon completing the implementation, we deliver the developed solutions and integrate them into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience.


Knowledge Transfer and Support

Our commitment extends beyond delivery. We ensure your team is fully equipped to use the AI-ML software and offer maintenance contracts for ongoing support and enhancements, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation.

Our AI-ML Development Expertise, Echoed by Clients

Client Testimonials

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They are an amazing group of engineers, who help us build a successful MVP for our startup, within a short time frame and affordable budget. We would definitely associate again with the company.

Daniel Jaenicke

CEO at Pathway AI, USA

Satisfied client of Intellekt AI's AI development servicesbackground green circle
The team possesses the knowledge and experience to execute all of the tasks we needed related to computer vision and machine learning. They are able to communicate effectively and work seamlessly with our team.

Ronald Chan

President at Netquity Inc, Canada

Satisfied client of Intellekt AI's AI development servicesbackground green circle
Intellekt AI did a great job to develop a tensorflow model for our project. They also advised the integration of the model and explained well the technology and implementation of it on our system.

Lars Wallden

CEO at Laiwa Communications Ltd, UK

Satisfied client of Intellekt AI's AI development servicesbackground green circle
Intellekt AI team is extremely knowledgeable and communicative. They understood our workflow and development pipeline and were able to quickly integrate into our project.

Colin Gagich

CTO at Ceng Technologies Inc, Canada

Case Studies

AI-ML Development in Action

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Automated Airplane Parking System

Our client was a software developer company that specializes in airport management software for major airports in the US and Canada. They wanted to develop an AI-powered parking automation system for aircraft at the airports that relies on the existing camera infrastructure of those airports.

brain tumour detection with deep learning

Brain Tumor Detection

Discover how Intellekt AI's advanced AI solutions revolutionized brain tumor detection from histopathological images, enabling accurate and timely diagnoses for improved patient care.

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Automated Quality Check

Discover how Intellekt AI's advanced AI solutions revolutionized quality checks with automated inspections, improving efficiency and accuracy across industries.

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Frequently asked questions


  • How is it different to hire an AI-focused company than a general software development company?
  • What if we also require other software development services?
  • We're exploring the idea of AI but aren't sure if our project needs it. Can Intellekt AI guide us?
  • We're new to AI and lack a clear implementation roadmap. Can you guide us?
  • We prefer not to rely on external teams. How does Intellekt AI address this concern?
  • Our company already has an ML team. What additional value can Intellekt AI provide?
  • Our industry or use case isn't listed in your experience. Can you still help us?
  • Can Intellekt AI contribute to our ongoing project?
  • How quickly can Intellekt AI start working on our project?
  • How is it different to hire an AI-focused company than a general software development company?

    Developing software is a very different skill set than developing an AI solution. AI requires a deep understanding of the data, the process to be automated, and its integration. AI has multiple ways to solve a given problem and only with experience, one can learn the tradeoffs between different approaches. And with rapid advances in AI, it only make it more challenging to keep oneself updated. Our specialized AI expertise often leads to more efficient, effective solutions, reducing overall costs in the long run. Our focus on AI means getting it right the first time, saving both time and resources.